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and controversy bill that will weaken labor unions now the bill will make it voluntary for workers to join unions. they would not be forced to pay dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> legislatures will move promptly and efficiently and when it arrives on my desk i plan on signing it. >> the right to work show it is right to work for less. >> democrats oppose the measure and the bill is expected to pass. 23 other states already have right to work laws. >>> time now 6:34, two people are in the hospital after an oakland police started. they tried to pull over a suspected driver and the car took off and crashed into a fence. it happened on bond street and the driver of the vehicle was taken away in handcuffs and the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. >>> a little girl has no parents. her parents were shot to death outside their apartment around midnight on saturday. the little girl was inside the apartment and was not hurt. now she is in protective custody. police say this is not a murder/suicide. they are hoping somebody who was out saturday night may have
extra early because of the wet roads, although, the traffic has no major problems and through union city traffic looks good. and highway 101, the peninsular that traffic looks good on 280 as well. let's go to steve. >>> a weak front is moving through, light rain, not a lot, just taking some spots for some rain and cold air is working its way in. 38 degrees and a little bit of snow up in the sierra. the better news is the snow is coming down, even though we are fitting slow levels. partly sun nip and breezy, -- sunny and breezy and we will look at scattered showers into marin county and mill valley some say the rain has stopped but it's cold up there. richmond san rafael bridge, right near the golden gate bridge, also san leandro, hayward, san lorenzo back to fremont back over to east pound heading towards that direction, a little into the santa cruz area and temperatures will continue to drop as the cold air works its way in. so some of that cold air will be working its way in am 15s on the temperatures with your view showing this pattern is here. >>> health officials are urging people i
in dublin and union city. parts of the peninsular and right around boulder creek and in the east bay and towards fremont and milpitas and sunny veil as well. we showed you a lot of rain fall scattered around the bay area and we have readings in the upper 40s and 30s out towards santa rosa. we have showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm it will be dry put we can be with them and even in the chance only to mid-50s. yesterday we had a cold front and today we have speckled clouds which is cold unstable air which will hold onto shower chances that are forecast for today. as i mentioned tomorrow will be dry a chance of a shower by friday, especially friday night and into the weekend. >>> the total remortgage could expand according to the wall street journal. it has borrowers who oh more on the homes will also be eligible. they are potentially riskier loans given to the two agencies and that will require congressional approval. >>> homes rose more than expected in october, it shows the average price for a home in the 20 u.s. markets was up 4.3% in the last year and that's 2 / 10s of
on. >> the police union says the insert comes at a time when the department is dealing with low moral a high homicide rate, and dwindling force. >>> a bizarre attack reported. a squatter accused of attacking two men. how they escaped and they have proof a squatter tried to harm them. >>> right now we want to check in with tara who is in for sal. a little foggy in the east bay? >> yeah we have patches of dense fog in the danville, dublin area so drive slowly. right now we will start in the south bay 280 near san jose. traffic on the right hand side there northbound toward san francisco at race street a little bit sluggish this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have gridlock. metering lights are on. give yourself a extra 15 minutes. in se know ma county near the raceway we had an earlier accident here. a car going over the embankment. the scene has been cleared but you can see traffic on 37 westbound still feeling the effects. here is an accident we believe was caused by the fog right lane blocked here on 680 southbound at sycamore valley road. give yourself extra time if you liv
the bay southbound from hayward to union city this traffic looks good. bay bridge toll plaza not a bad commute here for morning commute. it's not lighter than usual. but it's only about 15 minutes before you make et on the bridge. now here is steve. >>> thank you, sal. a very cold morning. lots of 20s showing up. even mid 30s in san francisco. so it's cold for everybody. freeze warnings out goes until 8:00. freeze warning for the north bay. frost advisory for everyone else. temperatures critical minimum. don't forget the plants and pets. 28 in santa rosa. 28 napa. 28 fairfield. but there is a lot of -- 27 yountville. 25 kenwood. 25 out toward grayton. so it's cold for all. lee ma valley 27 degrees too. up in tahoe one degree with freezing fog. 28 redding. for those heading north there is already winter storm warning out from grants pass north. i know a lot of people head up i-5. the snow level around redding for tomorrow not today tomorrow night into friday could be around 500,000 feet to 2,000 feet before it lifts. you can see that rain turning to snow that far away from portland. thi
of dollars. >>> union labor leaders are celebrating a legal victory this morning. the california supreme court ruled union members to have the right to picket on privately owned walkways outside of roadway tail stores. it stems from a dispute over a food store in 2007. >>> rose pa raid preparations are in full swing as the clock ticks down to the new years day. later today they almost start covering the structures in all kinds of plant materials. the more dell bat leaves flowers and pedals will be applied on wednesday and early tuesday morning. >>> san jose state football team has finished its best season since 1940 with a win in the military bowl. can you guess how it ended with that reaction? fans crowded in in downtown san jose to cheer on the spartans against bowling green. it was a close game. san jose state sealed the victory by forcing a late turnover. there it comes. wait for it. wait for it. there it is. that led to to this touchdown and their 29-20 win. their team finished their season without head coach mike mcen tire. >> coach mcintire was a reason the guys turned the pram ar
pretty good getting to 880. sunole traffic looks good if you are driving on the union commute, that is a nice looking drive and now let's go to steve. in fact, some of the allegations shows dry area in the north and 33 miles per hour at the half-moon airport and lane warmer but not much closer to the coast and bay. dave? >>> a school threat in pleasant hill and we have the latest information on the cools that were -- schools that were forced to go on. >>> and the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street and pam has the opening stock numbers. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, getting ready to ring that bell in new york. there is a lot of optimism over the fiscal cliffs and possibly a deal getting closer as we have been talking about the president, president barack obama and house speaker john boehner, they are talking about that income level, house speaker john boehner requesting a million and now they are offering maybe a $400,000 deal so that has been a sticking point and for stocks around the world, they are all up and it looks like we are heade
. >>> it will be a great day to get out and go shopping, maybe go to union square and do some ice skating. this storm is off to the east, we have a little bit of patchy fog and without that installation, we are colder -- insulation, we are colder but many of you would say, i'll take that over the fog. and if you are planning to head up, it is expected to be there in the afternoon and that will give you a better time to travel into the sierra. we have more coming in christmas day and we have clouds coming out several hundred miles and rain will hold off until tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon. we have advice are yous anticipated by the sierra tomorrow afternoon. 29.9 feet, it is expected to rise and will not reach flood stable but is at minor flood stages. the rest of us are dry and cool, 42 in concord, low 40s in fairfield, 37 in napa, 37 in santa rosa. partly cloudy cool afternoon, 55 in oakland for the second half, 54 for you san mateo, low- to-mid 50s for the inland east bay and low-to-mid 50s for the west bay. a shower chance will continue wednesday morning and then we are drying out and we are
on the nimitz freeway that commute has not been really thick. if you are driving down to union city or fremont traffic looks good. speaking of nu ark let's go -- speaking of newark let's go live to news chopper 2. air jordans come out today. police and security there to make sure things stay peaceful. they will be there for another few hours before they can actually buy the shoes. let's go to rosemary. >>> good morning, to you. giving you a live look at what is happening out there. a little tough to tell but we have a little rain in some areas. not in oakland just yet. still mostly cloudy. a very steady run. it's all the way down to right near the golden gate. south of that we are still dealing with dry conditions. it's snow shifting into the central by by 9:00. by noontime scattered showers but very wide spread. this will be the case all of friday. if you have evening plans maybe a holiday party, bring the umbrella you will need it. morning temperatures not bad at all. 40s outside your door. mid to upper 40s in fairfield. for the afternoon mid to upper 50s in the forecast. with breaks in the
is left of the pro hockey season. >>> it's 6:25. the national hockey league and nhl players union is back at work trying to save what is left of the hockey season. more than half the season has been lost but they are scheduled to meet in new york again today after a face to face session yesterday. those talks did not include owners or players. sources say the league is hoping for a settlement that would allow a 48 game season. starting in mid january. >>> 6:25. some people say now is the time to buy. starting tomorrow, california sales tax go up one quarter percent all over the state. the new high comes from voter approved prop 30. the sales tax will go up to 7.5%. which translates to about an $86 difference on a big purchase like a honda accord. now that may be small in comparison, but some shoppers figure they will save a few extra dollars while they can. >> with the tax hike, it will be even more expensive. so why not save now. [ laughter ] >> now the increase will last for four years. now the good news for consumers is the sales increase does not apply to gas. >>> 6:26. let's check in
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10